The Fathers for Fitness foundation was created to inspire children and adults to lead a physically active life by participating in sports activities and recreation daily.

By training together and building a network of like minded men and women, we are looking to set high goals and achieve milestones never imagined for children and adults of our community to combat the obesity epidemic.

We have developed a proprietary principle for training that will not only result in being able to complete a marathon, you will also experience consistent weight loss, reduced stress and overall greater contentment. This change in your lifestyle will inspire those around you, especially your family, children and friends. We believe that once you embrace the SEE-Results Principle you will want to include fitness as an integral part of your life. Doing this prevents obesity and all the medical problems associated with it. Our hope is that as you become fit you will become a role model to those around you, and that through these efforts obesity is reduced in our schools and our communities.

This website will be your guide to achieving your goals. We have information on obesity, training schedules, as well as food and nutritional information to support you.

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